Purity Brewing Co

Purity Brewing Company is an award-winning craft brewery established in 2005.
Founded by best friends (and Bass graduates) Paul and Jim, Purity is a successful independent brewery, and one of the fastest growing micro’s in the UK.

Their success stems from a very simple idea – create real ales of the highest standards which also appeal to the younger market. Using only the best natural ingredients, they specialise in three of their own brews as well as importing our favourite beers from Europe. Purity pride themselves on eco-friendly brewing and revel in sharing and supporting the interests of our drinkers, supporting local arts, music and culture wherever possible.

Purity is a name synonymous with music and the arts and like to keep their finger on the cultural pulse. Purity customers are discerning when it comes to culture and accordingly, they are discerning when it comes to the beer they drink.

Purity have a range of beers they are proud of, which pushes the boundaries without compromising on quality. We had the pleasure to try them all – find the description and notes below:

Mad Goose – Premium Pale Ale (4.2%)

OVERALL – A premium Pale Ale, incredibly crafted and very popular these days (it is availale in supermarkets too) – probably the Purity’s flagship;
EYE – Clear orange body, stable white head, spotty lacing;
NOSE – Piney, floral, citrus and strawberry notes;
MOUTH – Zesty, smooth and juicy malts;
PALATE – Soft texture, light-bodied, citrusy finish.

Pure UBU – English Bitter (4.5%)

OVERALL – More than a decent Premium Bitter, a fine groceries tipple if you like a well-hopped amber ale, certainly superior of most the beers available in the large distribution;
EYE – Deep amber to brown, cream fluffy head;
NOSE – Dark berries, chewy toffee, an edge of nougat;
MOUTH – Toffee, nuts and dark barries with some earthy hops;
PALATE – Medium-bodied, chewy texture, light roast finish.

Pure Gold – Golden Ale (4.2%)

OVERALL – Nice little refresher, and if it doesn’t do anything significant, it doesn’t misstep either, which is perhaps more critical depending on circumstance. It is fruitier than most, thanks to Citra hops, but still has some rustic dry finish, thanks to the Goldings hops;
EYE – Clear muted gold with a smallish fair-duration head;
NOSE – Peachy, floral, zesty, herbal with white bread aroma – a touch of sulphur;
MOUTH – Smooth and sweet and fruity golden ale, slightly flowery, slightly peachy, slightly mango-y, with a very light dry aftertaste – white bread malt is hidden as it should be;
PALATE – Low carbonation, soft body.

Lawless – Pale Lager (4.5%)

PRO Middle of the road sweetish pale lager which redeems itself with a decently bitter aftertaste;
EYE – Slightly clouded golden yellow with a small white head. Thin layer – no lacing;
NOSE – Sweet pale malty odour mingling, grassy and citric fumes, white bread, fresh grass and citrus;
MOUTH – Bready malts, cereals, toasted grains, light citric nip, wheaten notes;
PALATE – Fairly strong carbonation, thin, watery, tingling and lively texture, the finish is semi-dry.

Jimbo – Best Bitter (4.5%)

PRO – Nice bitter, unusual hoppiness and a lovely tribute to Jimbo. I like the charity side of it (plus in the bottle is always great, despite some lack in-depth);
EYE – Amber body, small off white head;
NOSE – Light nuttiness, apples, pears, some diacetyl;
MOUTH – Strawberry, nutty notes, some caramel, crisp green apple, somehow tropical fruit (guava) too;
PALATE – Balanced with a well-rounded bitter finish, very light body.

Pure Helles – Gluen-Free Helles Lager (5%)

PRO – Surprisingly good, probably what I’ve enjoyed the most. It stands ahead of many Helles I’ve had before., especially in freshness. I would like to see this in 500ml bottles;
EYE – Hazy golden colour, pale green tint, large fluffy off-white head;
NOSE – Yeasty, fruity, gluey, some herbs, light banana hint;
MOUTH – Taste is grains, tangy, with fruity, yeasty notes and some bitterness
PALATE – Medium-bodied, soft to medium carbonation, medium-dry papery & earthy bitter finish.

Session IPA – Gluten-Free Grapefruit infused Session IPA (5%)

EYE – Pale translucent cloudy yellow under a fine lacing top. 
NOSE – Large grapefruit, sharp lime, zest, lemon cordial, some herbal notes;
MOUTH – Large grapefruit, melon, pineapple, floral, tropical, pollen, botanicals;
PALATE – Light to the medium palate, softening biscuit conclusion;
PRO – As popular as Mad Goose or Lawless and with good reasons! Such a great beer! Loving the partnership with the Birmingham School of Art for the stunning design. Good value for money too.

Kveik – New England Kveik IPA (5.8%)

OVERALL – Splendid new beer style exercise, Kveik beers are helping build a reputation among new generations drinkers. I would like to see more of this instead of Gamma Ray and Lupoloid;
EYE – Misty golden yellow, large frothy off-white head;
NOSE – Ripe melon, green mango, pleasant citrus fruit shades, pineapple, grapefruit and peach;
MOUTH – Bitter orange, pineapple and citrus notes from the kveik yeast, gently sweet, some onion undertones;
PALATE – Light to a medium-bodied, balanced, creamy texture with a soft bitter resin finish.

Bunny Hop – Gluten-Free Hazy Pale Ale (3.5%)

PRO – Nice concept for a beer that could be a big hit;
EYE – Hazy light yellow body with a lot of bubbles, high fluffy white lasting head; 
NOSE – Dusty slightly acidic grapefruit-lemon, dankish fruity, notes of vegetables;
MOUTH – Dusty mild grapefruit flavour with slight hops bitterness, starfruit, papaya and lime zest;
PALATE – Dry and slender with crisp mouthfeel, low carbonation and a short finish.

Longhorn IPA – Unfiltered IPA (5%)

PRO – Decent, recognisable beer, clearly an English style IPA that isn’t that widely foundable around in the thee days;
EYE – Murky amber with a mid-sized white head, a thin, almost transparent layer of foam just covering the surface of the beer, moderate lacing;
NOSE – Medium intense with a sweet lemonade-like sweetness, light citric notes, caramel, sweet orange, peach, lime; 
MOUTH – Strong sweetness (caramel), rough rye, sultanas, moderate citric bitterness;
PALATE – Medium-strong carbonation, slightly thick, watery, lively, tingling texture. The aftertaste is bitter with a sweet undertone and lingers for a bit. 

Saddle Black – Unfiltered Black IPA (5.8%)

OVERALL – A sessionable dark beer with something to say is always a good thing;
EYE – Dark ruby body, medium beige head
NOSE – Dark caramel, liquorice, sweet caramel, fresh peach (from hops), aniseed;
MOUTH – Aniseed, chocolate, coffee, fruity orange undertones, roasty cigar finish;
PALATE – Medium body, low carbonation, straightforward.

Switch Black – Barrel Aged Black Double IPA (7.0%)

OVERALL – Almost a perfect example of a complex old school Cascadian Dark Ale, perfectly balanced and with enough character to stand on the dinner table;
EYE – Very dark reddish-brown with minimal head;
NOSE – Large sherry aroma, some vanilla and coconuts, woody and earthy;
MOUTH – Dark fruits, roasted malts, cherries, vanilla and coconut;
PALATE – Medium to the high body, the finish is dry with alcoholic warmth.

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