Turning The Tide

Turning The Tide is a declaration of love to British pubs and beers, at a time it needs to be heard most. With this show we are giving voice to the hospitality and beer personalities around the UK and beyond, let them tell us their stories.

Turning The Tide is a new project with filmmakers and creatives who have teamed up to give life to a show that will help us share voices of the beer and hospitality industries at a time that they need to be heard most. It all began as a passion project, entirely self-funded so far and consists of five episodes of roughly 25 minutes each.

The documentary is trying to raise awareness for all the struggles pubs and bars are facing during the current pandemic, beyond the personal consequences this has for those behind the bar. We want to create a tighter community and get more appreciation for what pub culture means to people’s day to day lives. Watching the show will offer an expert and unique insight on British public houses, and explore how much the London pub culture is at risk during and post-pandemic.

The last few months have been incredibly difficult for pubs; probably some of the hardest they have ever faced. We feel these stories need to be shared through a contemporary medium, and with expert voices to bring about greater understanding of the struggles of people working in the pub and beer industry.

With this documentary, we hope to show the real face of the hospitality industry, which isn’t the story of multi-billionaire corporations or the story of the exploitation of low-qualified European workers. The real story is the struggle of a multi-generational workforce that works around the idea that we can build a better world with passion, mutual respect and cooperation.

Be a part of our journey by supporting us

We are now at a crucial point where we need help to have the first episodes of the show reach its fullest potential – we currently need some extra funds to complete the final touches on post-production and promotion materials. We also have plans to start visiting more pubs around London and perhaps the UK (when the government allows), to find out how they are keeping and listen to their experiences. 

We strongly feel that what we are doing has significance in anthropology, sociology, history and public interest. We cannot wait to share what we’ve been doing up ’til now and appreciate your interest in supporting us in our endeavours. If you want to help us turn this tide, please support our crowdfunding campaign.