Turning The Tide

Turning The Tide is a declaration of love to British pubs and beers, at a time it needs to be heard most. With this show we are giving voice to the hospitality and beer personalities around the UK and beyond, let them tell us their stories.

TURNING THE TIDE began as a passion project and up until now, has been entirely self-funded. It is a mini-series show currently made up of five episodes of (roughly) 25 minutes each. We have great plans in motion for other episodes and are continuing shooting to cover the struggles of pubs and beer destinations in London as the pandemic carries into 2021. The show has huge potential to serve historical and contextual purposes. It puts the selected pubs featured on the map, raising their profiles. Watching it offers an expert and unique insight on British public houses, and explores how much the London pub culture is at risk during and post-pandemic. 

Our core team has a wealth of experience that we are drawing on to realise this miniseries. We are striving to really make it count to our beer community, and all those who tap into our beer and pub culture. Our work offers both an opportunity and a voice to these pubs coming to us, to share their individual journeys during these unprecedented times. We first shot the show in the Summer over 25 days, travelling to different locations in London during COVID-19. At a time when every member of the industry that is lost means a cultural and economic loss, the impact of a project like “Turning The Tide” is real and significant. 

With Turning The Tide, we are trying to raise awareness for the struggles pubs have faced during the pandemic. We are creating a tighter community and appreciate what pub culture means to people’s day to day lives. Watching the show will offer an expert and unique insight into British public houses and explore how much the London pub culture is at risk.

Turning The Tide is featuring contributions from many different London pubs like GraceLand, Remarkable Pubs, East London Pub Company, BrewDog, London Village Inns and other independent pubs. We are also featuring some interviews with various beer personalities: journalists, trade associations, consumer organisations and creative not-for-profit enterprises of the like of the London Brewers Alliance, Pellicle Magazine, Campaign For Real Ale (CAMRA) and British Beer Pub Association.

Let’s turn this tide together!

We will release the five episodes on our YouTube page every Thursday throughout April.

Thu 1st April – Episode 1
Thu 8th April – Episode 2 
Thu 15th April – Episode 3 
Thu 22nd April – Episode 4
Thu 6th May – Episode 5


Gabriele Bertucci – Creator & Co-Producer
Ivan De Lucca – Director & Co-Producer
Carla Martins – DOP
Oscar McDonagh – Editor
Ilenia Battaglia – Subtitles & translations
Natasha Wolf – Marketing Assistant
Raimond “HLMNSRA” Taibi – Soundtrack
Lorenzo “Q” Griffi – Graphic Design
Andy Princz – Script & Voice Over