Digital Beer Streams

Digital Beer Streams is an exclusive digital broadcasting show with hospitality and beer personalities around the UK and beyond. It’s a media platform where you can find stories about the drinks industry, and the people working in it.

DIGITAL BEER STREAMS is an exclusive, non-promotional digital show of interviews with hospitality and beer personalities in the UK and Europe, each of them was broadcasted on various digital platforms. The DBS have recently won the silver award at the British Guild of Beer Writers’ Annual Awards, in the Tom Paine Award for the Best Citizen Beer Communicator.

It started with Instagram Live interviews, broadcasted every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evening at 6 PM during the most challenging days of isolation. We went live via Instagram with 48 different live streams from April to June 2020. The aim was to express creativity and help to minimise the social and psychological effects of these strange times we are living in. Born as a way to fight the boredom of lockdown in 2020, we’ve helped to keep the beer and hospitality communities connected. Each week’s content focused on a different drinks industry topic and highlighted another independent bottle shop or beer vendor.

From January 2021 we restarted the Digital Beer Streams. We’re not just focussing on beer but also great hospitality hotspots and all kinds of drinks producers. We want to share indie businesses’ stories so they can be promoted and highlighted during these unprecedented times. 

We’re now working every week to get brilliant folks and businesses under the spotlight via the Digital Beer Streams, the ‘Turning The Tide’ mini-series and anything else we can do, listening how business have been affected by the pandemic, how they have adapted, plus future plans. Play back past streams or catch upcoming ones over on our Youtube channel every Monday to Thursday at 6 PM.

Week 1

The first week of the Digital Beer Stream started on 20/06. We were teaming up for a week…