Week 1

The first week of the Digital Beer Streams was starting on the 20/06. We were teaming up with for a week of focus about Pale Ales.


The COACH STREAMS is our 30 minutes Tuesday’s Digital Beer Education Program, dedicated to delivering expert insights into the world of beer.

Natalya Watson is a Beer Sommelier and Advanced Cicerone® passionate about sharing her knowledge of beer with others. She regularly teaches at The Beer and Cider Academy, judges at beer competitions, and produces and hosts the podcast ‘Beer with Nat‘.Her debut book, Beer: Taste the Evolution in 50 Styles, is now available (https://beerwithnat.com/book/).

She gave us an expert insight into “How to taste beer: appearance, aroma, flavour and impression“.


The GROUND STREAM, our 30 minutes Wednesday’s two-way live conversation with the London’s best beer stockists and us.

Owen Daniel and his wife Clare created Indiebeer just over two years ago.
They had a simple vision: being a place where anyone of any level of beer knowledge could come and feel comfortable.
They both love to talk beer and share new and exciting beers with their regulars. They have built a base of regular customers from the area, and many beer fans travel to pick up some of the rare and hard to find beers that they stock.
The beers in the store are all from independent breweries, including many small local and upcoming breweries. All of the beers are kept in top condition. The nine fridges are set to custom temperatures depending on the beer style.

We were talking about all things craft beer, especially what they were selling the most in those strange days… get ready to hear about North London’s trends with a glass of excellent Pale Ale.


The INDUSTRY STREAM is our 30 minutes Thursday’s two-way live conversation with a beer industry hero.

Gautam Bhatnagar is the founder and operator of Craft Beer Cares, an organisation that highlights charitable giving in the beer industry and organises fundraising events. The biggest of these is an annual festival which serves beer donated by breweries. The beers are poured by passionate volunteers to raise money for a different charity every year, with an emphasis on providing an inclusive and diverse environment for all drinkers.

This year’s festival, lovebeerlondon, took place the 13th-15th of February in collaboration with Society of Independent Brewers – SIBA and the London Brewers Alliance to raise funds for The Drinks Trust.

We will talk about craft beer & charities. What can beer do for you during the crisis? Can beer change people’s lives?

SIP STREAM (10/04)

The SIP STREAM, our 30 minutes Friday’s in-depth background on a beer style with various experts, while we drink one each. 🍺

Mads Snedevind Nielsen has been working in the craft beer industry for about seven years now. He started as a bartender in his home town of Odense, Denmark – moved to Copenhagen, where he joined Mikkeller HQ and WarPigs Brewpub in 2015.

Managed the bar there, and part of the distribution for about three years. He then moved to London to start the bar operations for Mikkeller Bar London, starting with their bar in Shoreditch, East London. He’s currently working on their first Mikkeller Brewpub London in Europe (besides Warpigs) opening on Exmouth Market, North London.

We were talking about PALE ALEs :
– The reasons why this style is so prevalent in the UK;
– The gateway drug into good beer;
– The pale ales rebranding – West Coast (anti macro beer movement);
– New England style effect on the UK (and the World);
– Drink it fresh! *Important to teach*!!