Digital Beer Streams – how it began

Usually these are happening via Instagram Live: 30 mins, from 6 pm, 4 days per week. Other platforms and other formats have now been explored. You can find the most recent information and the collection of interviews here.

This lockdown made me feel I want to start again with my beer project and do it while I’m sipping something nice with other beer friends and talking with them about what we know best.

Many people are facing periods of struggle, right now even more than usual. In essence, social distancing and self-isolation will be a challenge for lot of us. While we know social isolation hurts health, we don’t know much about what the effects of compulsory (and possibly prolonged) social isolation could be. But we expect it could increase the risk of loneliness (the feeling of being socially isolated) in every community.

While we can’t replace the value of face-to-face interactions, we need to be flexible and think creatively in these circumstances. Take considered action and be creative to see how you can help to minimise the social and psychological effects of these strange times we are living.

Staying connected is vital.