BrewLDN22: Toast Ale

We are continuing with an introduction to the BrewLDN 2022 breweries:

Toast Ale makes fighting food waste as easy as enjoying a cheeky pint. Literally. 
Their palate-pleasing beers are made in London from leftover loaves of bread, chipping away at the 44% of bread that goes to waste. A shocking stat and just one small part of a mounting food waste problem that’s pretty terrible for the environment, to put it mildly.  
By using surplus fresh bread instead of virgin barley, Toast Ale is also reducing the demand for land and water as well as avoiding the extra emissions that come from producing it. It makes perfect planet-saving sense. In their words: raise a toast, save the world!

1. What is your beer range?
“We brew a range of planet-saving beers using fresh surplus bread to prevent food waste and take less of nature’s resources. We have a selection of 5 award-winning craft beers in our core Toast range:
The Yellow One (Craft Lager, 5%) – Crisp & refreshing
The Green One (Pale Ale, 5%) – Golden & zesty
The Red One (Session IPA, 4.5%) – Citrussy & hoppy
The Blue One (American Pale Ale, 4.8%) – Bright & tropical
The Silver One (Low Alc. Lager, 0.5%) – Light & refreshing”

2. What makes your brewery stand up? 
“Our mission is to brew great beers and spread big ideas that can change the world. We want to lead a brewing movement to eliminate bread waste and fix the food system.
Food production is the biggest contributor to climate change, but one third of all food is wasted. We’re here to change that. Our planet-saving beer is brewed with surplus fresh bread (to replace barley), reducing the demand for land and water, and avoiding greenhouse gas emissions. We donate all profits (or a min of 1% revenue) to charities fixing the food system.
Our vision is a beer with more taste and a world without waste. 
We have partnered with many amazing bakers and brewers over the years, and our open-sourced recipe for homebrewers has been downloaded over 80,000 times from our website.  For our Companion Series, we formed a coalition of 25 breweries from across the UK and Ireland, releasing an open letter calling on world leaders to make concrete commitments to tackle the climate emergency at COP26. All 25 breweries signed the open letter and created a brand new beer using surplus bread, exclusively for the Companion Series bundle of beers. We’ve been brewing with bread since 2015 and wanted to spread the loaf and support the circular economy at this critical time. So supplied pre-prepared surplus ‘crumb’ to all our partners and shared expertise using this ingredient that would have otherwise gone to waste. £26 from each Companion Case sold is invested in conservation and regenerative agriculture projects. With this limited-edition Companion Series we will raise over £65,000 for these projects.”

3. What shall we expect from you at BrewLDN 2022?
“At BrewLDN you’ll be able to sample all our planet-saving beers, including the latest addition to the Toast line-up. Our Low Alc. Lager (0.5%) is a light and refreshing low alcohol Craft Lager with notes of citrus and spices, brewed with our signature surplus fresh bread. A great session beer for festivals like BrewLDN when you might need a small breather from the booze! 
Last year our Rise Up Series Chocolate Stout was a total sell out. So really excited to be pouring fresh pints of our new Coffee Porter (5.6%) – a rich, dark and velvety porter with undertones of nuts and full-bodied coffee.  It’s brewed with surplus fresh bread and Fairtrade Brazilian coffee beans from Cafédirect, a fellow B Corp. 
This limited-edition beer raises awareness about the impact of our broken food system on people. It’s also part of our Companion Series – bringing together the brewing industry to call for action on the climate emergency. Find out more at

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