BrewLDN22: Hops and Dots Brew Co

The first BrewLDN 2022 brewery we want to speak to you about is a champion of accessibility!

Hops & Dots Brew Co (County Durham) founded in 2018 with a love of independently produced beer and braille. Before John Chester launched the brewery with his good friend Hugh Grime, he was known best for his knowledge of braille, especially the production of braille and the use of technology, which is still a large part of his work today.

Craft beer should be accessible and hoppy – we love hops!” is their motto!

1. What is your beer range? 
Our core range is made by:
Fat Fingers (Double Dry Hopped India Pale Wheat Ale, 5.1% ABV)
Do you want to buy a Speedboat (Hazy West Coast Pale Ale, 3.9% ABV)
Micro Switch (Porter, 4.3% ABV)
Porterhouse 5 (Milk Porter, 5.5% ABV)

Current beers (lots of Specials & One-Off):

2. What makes your brewery stand up? 
What makes us different is we seek to promote braille through our beers and design as I am a trained specialist teacher of the visually impaired. 
Here more info from the brewery blog:

3. What shall we expect from you at BrewLDN 2022?
Plenty of interesting collabs and on-offs.
We are brewing a collaboration with Nomadic Beers (Leeds) ready for the festival.


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