BrewLDN22: Firebrand Brewing Co

We are continuing with the introduction to the BrewLDN 2022 breweries – we want to introduce you to all the various breweries you’ll have a chance to discover at the festival!

Firebrand Brewing Co (Launceston, Cornwall) was forged in 2012 in a converted milking parlour on the untamed edge of Bodmin Moor, North Cornwall. They recently moved into a large industrial unit just a few miles away in Launceston, the old Cornish capital. The new space is packed full of new equipment which, allows them to brew more and make their beer taste even better. It also includes a taproom, an ideal place for the community to gather, drink, and eat.

They have big dreams, hoping to spread our wings and grow into one of the UK’s top breweries. They brew beer that we love to drink and pride ourselves on our craft – beer made from all-natural ingredients, Cornish spring water, and American hops.

1. What is your beer range? 
“We brew beer that we love to drink and pride ourselves on our craft. Whether it’s a Hazy Vegan IPA or a Barrel Aged Imperial Stout, we regularly refine and tweak our recipes to brew the best beer we can. Our core range includes our flagship beer – Patchwork Rocket Pale – and covers all our favourite styles and flavours. Go beyond the usual and treat your taste buds to something new”.

Patchwork Rocket Pale (Pale Ale, 4.2%)
Helles Beach Cornish Lager (Helles, 4.4%)
West Coast (Session IPA, 4.5%)
Thundercloud (NEIPA, 5.5%)
Graffiti (IPA, 5%)
Citra Simcoe (NEIPA, 6%)
Coffee Stout (6%)
An Howl (Strong Golden Ale, 5.6%)
Beast of Bodmin (Chestnut Red Ale, 5%)

2. What makes your brewery stand up? 
“We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality beer possible using fresh Cornish spring water and all-natural ingredients.
We also brew a range called Limited Batch Brew, a “one brew only” type of exercise. These beers are brewed with unique ingredients, hop varieties and varying styles.
We have released a Sour Series at the start of February 2022, which is very exciting for us. We will be brewing a selection of fruit sours that will go along the same lines as our Limited Batch Brew Range.
Our brewery also works alongside some local charities within our community. Our head brewer Joe has been a long-standing member of the Launceston Refugee Support Group and hosts events in our taproom to raise money for them. We are also coming out with a new beer to donate money to the Launceston Food Bank. Hopefully, this beer will show support for a community that has been very supportive of us through a problematic pandemic”.

3. What shall we expect from you at BrewLDN 2022?
At BrewLDN 2022, we will be exhibiting a few beers from our Core Range and some exciting unreleased Limited Batch Brews.
Our head brewer Joe and Sales Manager Ben will be in attendance, and they can’t wait to meet everyone at the festival.

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