BrewLDN22: Endangered Brewing

We are continuing with the introduction to the BrewLDN 2022 breweries:

Endangered Brewing is a purpose-led brewery. 
They have an easy to navigate core range of 4% ABV beers – each featuring vibrant artwork of a different endangered animal. Alexandra Prebble, a conservation biologist by training and Delphi Scheepers, who hails from South Africa with a passion for beer and wildlife (or beasts if you prefer) are the 2 co-founders.
They have sustainability at the heart of what we do, doing the best we can, including sourcing all UK hops and malts, using FSC certified boxes and biodegradable packaging tape and using recycled labels on their cans.

THEIR MISSION: To remove each animal off our cans – signalling they are no longer a vulnerable species!
THEIR BEERS: They offer an uncomplicated core range of 4% ABV session beers, using all UK hops and malts, keeping things local and sustainable.
THEIR ANIMALS: Each beer from Endangered Brewing is associated with lesser-known endangered species with a unique story. They face significant threats, including habitat destruction, wildlife trade and climate change.
THEIR IMPACT: For every beer sold, they will donate 10% of profits to the Born Free Foundation to help protect some of the planet’s most endangered species.

Join the pack and let’s save some animals!

1. What is your beer range? 
“We currently have 3 easy drinking 4% ABV Beers, we use all UK hops and malts to keep things local and sustainable:
African Wild Dog (Lager, 4.0%) has a complex aroma with subtle notes of spice and offset with a vanilla profile.
Pangolin (Pale Ale, 4.0%) has complex bitterness with citrus and tropical fruit, especially mango notes.
Ethiopian Wolf (Wheat Beer, 4.0%), rewed to have orange and spicy notes. It has a sweet and floral flavouring with a sharp and refreshing bite.

2. What makes your brewery stand up? 
“Endangered Brewing’s premium quality beer offers a no-nonsense, straightforward approach to the complex world of craft beer. The refined range has a lower ABV at 4.0% and uses all UK hops and malts. Each beer from Endangered Brewing is associated with an endangered species with a unique story. The vibrant labels featuring original artwork by renowned wildlife artist Marc Allante bring these species to life. With the sale of every beer, we donate 10% of net profits to conservation efforts working to save our featured species. We are on a mission to be able to remove each species from our cans signalling they are no longer threatened”.

3. What shall we expect from you at BrewLDN 2022?
“Visit Endangered Brewing at BrewLDN 2022 to enjoy some beer and do some good. We are beer fighting for Beasts. Our founders will be on hand to chat and share a beer. We will transport you to the wilderness so you can go wild and make a difference! Stop by for a sundowner at our watering hole and join the pack!”

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