about What’s In The Glass?

What’s In The Glass? is a genuine journey that started in the turbulent most months of 2020. With over ten years of experience in the beer business, What’s In The Glass? has the knowledge and passion to build a platform where we tell stories about hospitality and the beer industry, and the people working in it.

About Gabs

I’m Gabriele – I am a contemporary beer communicator, a host and curator of beer shows, events, training sessions and tastings with more than ten years of international experience. I’m an Accredited Beer Sommelier by The Beer & Cider Academy, a member of The British Guild of Beer Writers. I have recently won the silver award at the British Guild of Beer Writers’ Annual Awards, in the Tom Paine Award for the Best Citizen Beer Communicator. I’m also founder of the digital community What’s In The Glass?.

I’m active in the craft beer scene in both the UK and Italy. I’m passionate about all things beer, and especially the community full of really great people. The first job in hospitality I ever had was in the Tuscan seaside in 2010. Two years later I’ve decided to continue working in pubs in London. The love for one specific element, beer, kept growing and I entered the community by working for companies such as Mother Kelly’s, Clapton Craft, ORA Brewing and most recently London Fields Brewery. Next to that, I’m a music maniac, a lover of visual arts, and continue being creative and writing.

What we offer

No project is too big or too small for our team of dedicated professionals. Along with our shows and articles, we are offering consultancy services, events, training sessions and tastings to help all sorts of business with the intricacies of the fast paced, ever changing nature of the beer industry. We want you to thrive and overcome the challenges it presents. Whatever your needs, What’s In The Glass? has your back. Join our community and reach out to see what we can do for you!